Top Slangs In Cryptocurrency World You Should Know

The world of cryptocurrencies comes with the most surprising and recent innovations. As people are getting more and more into this world, they are trying to learn new things about the crypto world. Here, you will easily find some of the most popular slangs that are present everywhere. When dealing with Bitcoin or other cryptos, you will easily find all these slangs. If you use these crypto slangs, you are some quite experienced with cryptocurrencies. In this article, I will tell you some of the top slangs in cryptocurrency world. All of them are important for you to know.

Top Slangs In Cryptocurrency


If something is most commonly used slang in the crypto world, then it is HODL. There always remains a question among many people that what is HODL in crypto. This term is a result of a drunken response from a notable crypto personality. HODL is simply used for holding the cryptocurrency. Now, the person holding these virtual assets will be called HODLer. Just after this drunken response was given, it set fire on the internet. So, it is wrong to say HOLD in the crypto world. The term HODL is correct here. It is so important that you should know it while dealing with virtual assets in the crypto market.

2. FUD

The idea of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is very common in the crypto world. This is because no one actually knows what could happen here. It is not obvious that a cryptocurrency that is rising today will always remain as it is the next day or a month. The fear, uncertainty and doubts drive people to spend less in the crypto market. Due to this, prices and volume of these virtual assets get affected. If particular crypto is falling sharply, one should know that FUd will rise. FUD is always driven by emotions that people can have while investing and trading with cryptos.

  • 3. Rekt

Rekt is also an important slang in the world of cryptocurrencies. This slang is used for something or someone that is wrecked. In case you are someone who has drowned you money on cryptos that have lost their value, you are simply rekted. At that time, you will be called as being rekted which means that you have gone broke in the actual world. Rekt originated from the world of digital gaming and it is not an original one emerged from the crypto world. You will hear this term quite often because many people are there that loose money on cryptos.

4. Stacking Sats

Here, sats are used for Satoshis, the term used for pieces of Bitcoin and for the anonymous originator of Bitcoin. One important thing to know with Satoshis is that one Satoshi refers to a one hundred-millionth piece of Bitcoin. Now if you are someone who is gathering Satoshis, you are just stacking sats. You can stack sats either by Bitcoin faucet or by mining them. People who cannot buy Bitcoin as a whole can accumulate the pieces of it to earn profits in the future. It is the only way that can give profits to you in the future. Gone are the days when people used to buy a handful of Bitcoins. It is already out from the reach of ordinary investors.

5. To The Moon

You might have heard the news that Bitcoin is rising and you can see it yourself rising every month. Bitcoin is just like that. It is forever rising from the time it began the journey. When it rises in a very short time, crypto enthusiasts use the term to the moon. This means Bitcoin is shooting up. For other cryptos, this trend can be used. However, they have not performed as perfectly as Bitcoin. One can also say that an uptrend in the market is indicated with this term.

6. Crypto Whale

A crypto whale is some individual or an organization that is HODLing several cryptocurrencies. The cryptos can be available either by the mining process or by buying from a crypto exchange platform. You can easily be called a crypto whale if you are keeping Bitcoins that are valued beyond one million or billion dollars. At present, there are many crypto whales coming from all corners of the globe. All of them invested in or mined Bitcoins a decade ago. Now, they all are crypto whales.


So, we have seen some top slangs in cryptocurrency world. While entering here, you should be aware of all these slangs. Only then, you will be able to know what is happening with cryptocurrencies. You can join a crypto platform that offers the most updated cryptocurrency news feed. When you go through the latest crypto news, you frequently come across these slangs. It is always better to stay updated all the time to learn more about the crypto world. 

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